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Tilly is an amazing artist!
She's done portraits of all
our dogs, and we highly
recommend her!

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In this video, Zulu and Zinga meet a gentle
giant, a Great Dane puppy!

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picture of two basenjis sharing a stick
South Florida Basenji Meetup

Come join us at various locations. We meet about every other month.

picture of wyze camera
Keep an eye on your dog

We use the Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision and 2-Way Audio to peek at Zulu when we aren't home. It's inexpensive and works great!

picture of puzzle feeder
"Smelly Matty" Puzzle Feeder

The "Smelly Matty", or "Snuffle Mat", is a great way to slow your dog down if they eat too fast. Plus it exercises their brain as they search all the pockets for kibble. There are different levels of challenge in this one!

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picture of pompano pet lodge
Pompano Pet Lodge

Zulu recommends Pompano Pet Lodge for daycare and overnight boarding.

picture of basenji puppy
Thinking about getting a Basenji?

Here are some great resources!